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Road Trip: The Trailer

We rented a 30' RV and went with 3 car wash owners from St. Louis to Las Vegas to see what we could learn from other businesses.(3:40)

Road Trip Episode 1: SCHLAFLY BEER

We spent some time with Dan Kopman, co-founder of Schlafly Beer, the first brewery to open in St. Louis since prohibition!(6:27)

Road Trip Episode 2: PAPPYS SMOKEHOUSE

Pappys Smokehouse has become a BBQ institution in a town where they love their BBQ.(6:16)

Road Trip Episode 3: SKYLINE SALON

We visited this beautiful salon in downtown Kansas City to see what we could learn about the importance of customer experience.(5:06)

Road Trip Episode 4: LEGACY FARMS

Farming is one of the oldest and most challenging small businesses there is. Lance Russell is a guy that is passionate about meeting those challenges.(6:44)

Road Trip Episode 5: THE CUPCAKE TRUCK

This husband and wife tried an outside-the-box strategy to take their bakery to the next level.(5:31)

Road Trip Episode 6: THE FINALE

The nearly 2,000 mile road trip comes to end as we endure blizzards and RV accidents.(6:59)

A Ground Breaking Car Wash In The Caribbean

Check out this innovative car wash in Curacao that has the ability to adjust wash consumables based on how dirty the car is.(6:45)

Wash Tour: Triple Play Car Wash

Join us as we tour one of the best designed car washes in the United States.(4:24)

The Birth of Car Washing

Join us as we go all the way back to 1908 to see how car washing got its start.(3:46)

The Shortsightedness of Discount Car Washing

Twenty years ago Detroit began adopting a "discount" model. What can we learn from this market?(3:41)

A Car Wash Tour In Holland

The car washes in Holland are some of the most impressive in the world. Check out their innovations including the polishing tunnel.(6:03)

Where We've Been, Where We're Going

A few veterans share their experiences and outlook for the future of car washing.(4:14)

Wash Tour: El Segundo Car Wash

Join us as we take a look at one of the nation's highest volume car washes.(2:05)

Car Wash Comedy: Service & Quality Matter

This owner is a bold leader when it comes to service & quality.(3:52)

What Does "Green" Mean?

How can car washes prove that they are truly sustainable businesses?(3:49)

The Unionization of L.A.

Labor groups are attempting to establish the first car wash union in LA.(4:41)

Wash Tour: Green Forest Car Wash

Join us as we take a tour at this unique themed wash.(2:08)

Lost Footage From the '60s

Take a look at this rare footage of car washing in the 1960's.(3:15)

An Interview With Eric Wulf

An interview with the Executive Director and CEO of the ICA.(6:09)

Profile of a Family Business: Kleen-Rite

A company that continues to grow while maintaining the family tradition.(3:01)

Behind The Scenes At NS Wash Systems

Join us as we take a look at this 49 year-old equipment manufacturer.(3:16)

Car Washing Around The World

A glimpse into what car washing is like in other parts of the world.(4:30)

Wash Opinions: Dealing With The Recession

We asked several car wash operators how they're dealing with the recession.(2:02)

Innovative Products at ICA 2010

A few innovative products from this year's Car Care World Expo.(3:10)

Behind The Scenes At PECO Car Wash Systems

We take a behind the scenes look at this Detroit based equipment manufacturer.(3:27)

Man Vs. Machine: Rise of The Pay Stations

Pay stations have been one of the biggest developments in a long time. Are human greeters doomed?(3:54)

Car Wash Chemistry 101: Temperature

Feel your brain getting bigger as you learn about the key role of temperature.(3:06)

Car Wash Chemistry 101: Mechanical Action

In this third video of the series, learn how mechanical action is a major factor in choosing the right chemistry.(3:20)

Do We Really Need Trade Shows?

Every year hundreds of operators and suppliers head to the regional trade shows. What's the point?(2:10)

Management Training With Steve Gaudreau- Production

Join us as we learn how to create exceptional managers.(3:02)

Management Training With Steve Gaudreau- Service Advisors

Join us as we learn how to create exceptional managers.(2:22)

Car Wash Chemistry 101: Water

In this first video of the series, we will make you smarter by learning about the importance of water quality.(3:27)

The Pleasure And Pain of a Renovation

Renovations can offer a new life to a car wash but completing one is far from easy.(2:58)

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Conveyor Chain

Learn more about the beauty of the chain.(2:42)